Braune Blätter von Mahagonny 27.01.2017 während andere nicht wissen wohin gehen Vorwärts durch die Gewitter der Felder übersät mit Fehlern Kaufen in einsamen Strömungen vorüber ziehen Klang in Lächerlichkeit erdrücken leere Räume gefüllt mit säuseln Staub überall surrrp surrrp 30.11.2016 and true is in the end neither contend nor salary just my flesh sludge of fear 17.12.2014 floating. the only thing I feel. standing in the middle of time. holding the neelde. desperate for the push. The whole nine yards Inside Fried out on space ... I never came back. The Sound in me Zeko: There are no questions anymore. No dancing bugs. No fun facts. Rene: Misbehave! Zeko: What? Now? Did you even listen what I just said? Rene: Yeah but I thought there are no questions anymore. Zeko: Do you think this is funny? Rene: No, I think you are beautiful. Zeko: I don't understand you. Rene: What are dancing bugs? Zeko: Well, Dancing bugs are little creatures. Sure in my head they seem huge. With big faces smiling. Some have hair on their back. Some don't. And they just dance with the wind. A wild Tango in the air. They are just like us. Sometimes they just sit around and ask questions. In their own language of course. They explore the world. Sometimes on their own. Other times with friends. They watch us. Listen to the sound we make. Maybe they even know what we think. That's why they have so many questions. Rene: And why are there no more of them? Zeko: Because in the Winter they stay inside the earth. Outside they would freeze, just like we do. Rene: How do you know all that? Zeko: I put my ear everywhere they could be. I went out to the big housing complex and put my ear at the wall. I could hear them talk. But I don't know what it was all about. I put my ear in the wind too. I could hear how they crack a huge wall nut. You should check it out. Just put your ear at the big frozen lake in our back. They are in there. I can hear them. They put up the snow and the ice so we don't disturb them. Rene: So you listen to them while they listen to you? Zeko: Hm, kind of. Rene: Maybe they are inside you. And it's not you listening to them. It's them listening themselves. Zeko: You should hear yourself. Your stupid. Rene: You call me stupid? I am not the one talking and listening to bugs. Zeko: What are you then? Rene: Talking to a human. Zeko: Oh. #Crimea 04.03.2014 Rene: Zeko where are you? Zeko: Be quiet I am already sleeping. Rene: You can't be sleeping when you are answering me. Zeko: Suuure ...[pause] so? ...what do you want? Rene: I just want to tell you the strangest dream I just head. I stood on a rock in the middle of a desert. The air was glimmering because of the heat all around. Then all of a sudden I saw something high up the sky coming towards me. I couldn't really tell what it was and thought of vultures who always hang around in those deserts. Piking out the eyes of dead peoples heads. But the closer it was the bigger my eyes got. It was a golden swan who flew over the dessert and on his wide wings there were many small black birds Just siting there and talking while the swan just glides. The small birds are chatting and bragging about the swan. They want him to go faster. The swan doesn't care. And then out of nowhere an eagle spots the swan and the little birds. The eagle attacks right away. Just going for the little ones. "Easy food" is what he thinks. Guess what happened next? Zeko: You woke me up? Rene: Ohhh, well I am sorry, Zeko: [breathing loud] NO, I mean you woke me up for this story? Rene: So you know it already. Zeko: No I don't ... Rene: The little birds saw the eagle coming. And right at the moment when the eagle was really really close to the swan they all took off very sudden. So the eagle crashed into the golden swan. Both going down towards earth in a wild tango fighting and trying to survive. Like a stone with wings they fall in perfect harmony. I saw them ...it seemed endless. There was no ground in sight. The eagle let lose and just before the ground he got his senses back and landed safely while the swan with its great feathers crashed right into the dirt. There was no sound, just a small misty cloud. The eagle then walked right up to the swan. The swan said: You just killed me for my golden feathers. The eagle answered: No... I wanted to catch the small black birds on this golden plate. Swan: You got the plate instead. What a great fortune for you. The eagle answered: No it ain't, now i have to look for the little birds even longer... Zeko: Did you just make this up. Rene: No, No,... it was in my dreams. I don't get this eagle? Zeko: Yeah well, the eagle ain't knowing shit. The eagle is like you. I mean you could just sleep you know, but you keep thinking and waking me up for your stories over and over again. Rene: hm, yeah sure and you are a swan, dying in the middle of a desert still proud and worried of your feathers nobody cares about.... ... being continued Goodbye Sunday 20.11.2011 hello? winter colors light and shadow cleaned out air white haze veil smell slowly moving boots of history walking memories dragged around you've been everywhere seen it all enjoy the empty street the empty trees people stuffed in nice clothing gentle color warm fabric deep eyes unhasty watching the wings of fortune on a horse passing by upright gesture gentleman angels brothers sisters fingertips touching the air the skin the pulse turned down noise and the smell of a warm cup of coffee elements shaking the room seeking caves long coat flying circles hats keeping track sleeves dancing walks through gardens skeletons leaves in ashes cold burn to sands in time spreading everywhere for reality Start in the day 09.08.2011 staring out the train window everything becomes kind of static. theres no movement at all. me sitting quite face towards a dead eyed guy. black hoddie. a dark mixture between blue and black circles surrounding our eyes. each morning one more drained soul in a coffee cup. awakened by a sugar punch. The first drug of the day kicking in... meaningless. walking out the door, fresh air irritates my lungs. step by step I walk towards jeopardy street. No abyss, no cars. Not even cats. My feet carry the wage of my days. They don't even bother. Selfish bastards. THE SUN checking out my side of the planet once in a while. What would Apollo think. What a waste of light Another day at work 21.04.2011 Burned skin Sulfur smell Little puncture holes penetrating my fingers. Blood leaves my body in tiny waves. Bare wire between my teeth. Eyes moving slowly over the landscape. The sun keeps heating up. The air still dry and killing smoke. Just heat and never ending sulfur stains. Hands still working. Slow but endless. Almost done. Impressum hantz@hotmail.de